Unior is one of the largest Slovenian exporters and a partner of the European automotive industry. Unior is well known as an advanced international company operating in the metal processing industry. Their innovative processes and cooperation with buyers, suppliers, similar companies and research organizations enables them to develop, manufacture, and market solutions with increasing added value.
KAR Enterprises, Inc. and Novi Precision Products, Inc. are the North American representatives for sales, service, and installation for the Unior FPZ-250 Flexible Machining Cell.
The FPZ-250 Flexible Machining Cell was designed for companies that demand bigger flexibility, have minimal floor space, and want shorter tact times. The FPZ-250′s tact time of machining is on average 30% faster than a standard machining center. This machine also uses the latest MQL(Minimum Quantity Lube) technology from Lubrix.

FPZ-250 Advantages:

  • Chip-to-Chip Time is less than 1 Second
  • FPZ-250 is designed around your Work Piece
  • 5-Axis Machining
  • Simultaneously Machine 4-Axes at a time
  • Compact construction
  • Simple for connection into a system
  • Minimal Investment Required to reconfigure the FPZ-250 for a new Work Piece

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