Tornos is a company that develops, manufactures and sells single-spindle and multispindle automatic turning machines and machining centers for small parts, as well as their associated products and services. Whether you are machining simple or highly complex parts, Tornos machines guarantee reliability, high precision, optimized productivity, and unbeatable competitiveness. Tornos is customer-focused in its approach to the market. They differ from their competitors by offering production solutions which increase the productivity of their customers rather than just one machine corresponding to one technical specification. This approach rests on technical innovations, a machine design that minimizes operating costs, and a particular focus on machine ergonomics to ensure ease of use for the operator. Whether you run high production or small runs Tornos has a machine to meet your needs!

Tornos Highlights:

  • CNC single-spindle sliding headstock turning machines for parts less than 38 mm in diameter
  • Multispindle machines with numerical or cam control for parts up to 32 mm in diameter
  • Machining centres for complex parts 1 dm3 in volume requiring high precision
  • TB Deco Controller for Easy Use and Programming
  • Cam Driven Machines and CNC Machines
  • ISO Certified Since 1998

Tornos Single Spindle Swiss:

  • Swiss ST 26: 25.4mm Bar Stock Capacity, 3 tools in the cut simultaneously, can work with or without the guide bushing, Holds up to 36 Tools (16 Rotating), Economical Model.
  • EVO Deco: 10mm – 32 mm Bar Stock Capacity, Full Synchronous Drives, use up to 4 tools simultaneously, Up to 4 independent tool systems, Up to 10 numerical axes and 2 C Axes which are managed simultaneously.
  • Sigma: tailstock single spindle lathes, Identical Headstock and Counter Spindle, 20mm & 32mm Models, Mirror Image Kinematic, 2 Independent Tool slides, best for parts of simple and medium complexity.


Tornos Machines MultiSpindle:

  • MultiAlpha: 6-8 Spindles, 20mm, 28mm, & 32mm Models, CNC, All independent powered spindles with full control of C-Axis, Independent Slides with X & Y axes, dual backworking stations holding up to 5 tools each.
  • MultiSigma 8×28: 8 Spindles, 28mm Bar Stock Capacity, CNC, 8 Powered Spindles with independent spindle speeds, Independent Slides with X & Y Axes, dual backworking stations holding up to 4 tools each.
  • MultiSwiss 6×14: Equipped with 6 sliding headstock spindles using torque motor technology for barrel indexing, CNC, Independent Spindles and Slides (X & Y), achieves same speeds as Cam Machines, great for parts with a 14mm diameter, and 40mm length.
  • SAS 16.6: Cam Driven 6 Spindle Machine, 205° working capacity, 16mm Bar Stock Capacity, Max Part Length 75mm.

For more information on Tornos Products and Services please visit their website