Quick, Economical, and Flexible are the 3 words customers like to hear and Supfina has worked hard to implement those principals into their machines. Supfina’s superfinishing machines help customers across the globe ranging from Automotive Suppliers, OEM’s, Anti-Friction Bearing Companies, Precision Engineering, and Medical Companies. Supfina’s machines are renowned worldwide and are supplemented by economical machining systems for double-sided and tape finishing operations.
An ideal surface is the result of a number of factors interacting with each other. Supfina’s superfinishing machines are not only used to produce components of outstanding quality, they are versatile machines that work extremely economically and whose reliability is legendary. Supfina’s engineers are constantly improving their finishing machines and refining their functionality to make them exactly in line with your needs.
Many of the components used in vehicle drive trains are subject to extreme loads, including gearwheels and various shafts such as crank shafts. The only way to guarantee a long service lifetime and minimize wear is to produce an absolutely perfect surface finish, and Supfina has the right solutions to achieve that.

Supfina Highlights:

  • Over 50 years of Experience
  • The flexible machine concept makes it possible to adapt the machine to changing workpieces or modifications to the surface requirements quickly and easily.
  • US Plant Location along with a German Plant location makes it easy to service machines worldwide
  • Leader in Superfinishing Technology, including Tape Finishing, Stone Finishing, Spherical Finishing, Flat Finishing, Plunge & Race Finishing, and Double Disk Grinding

Supfina Equipment Types:

  • SUPERFINISHING: Plunge, Race, Flat, Spherical, & Throughfeed Finishing
  • GRINDING MACHINES: Double Disk & Speed Finishing
  • LEAN SYSTEMS: Superfinishing Attachments & Leancost Machines

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