Located in Iurreta Spain, Metra is an automatic screw machine builder. With over 1000 machines placed worldwide and over 30 years in the business Metra has become a brand name you can trust. As parts become more complex and materials have changed the need for CNC Multispindles has continued to grow. Metra has taken it upon themselves to develop their CNC Multi Spindle lathes with a similar configurations to the old style cam driven multispindle lathes with the great advantage of set up times, improved precision (due the CNC technology), and ease of use. Metra Multispindles are the best alternative for companies looking to replace old cam driven multispindle lathes and for those companies who want to easily transition into the CNC multispindle machining field. Metra’s goal is to help its users to gain productivity, flexibility, precision, and reliability.

METRA CNC Automatic Screw Machine Highlights:

  • CNC Multispindle Lathes
  • Independent Slides
  • Slides Capable of X & Y Movement
  • Chucker Style Machine Available
  • Spindle Stops Available on Spindles 4 and 7
  • Turn-Key Machines

Machine Models:

  • CNX Series: 6-8 Spindles ranging from 16mm to 55mm Bar Stock. X-Axis on Slides.
  • CXZ Series: 6-8 Spindles ranging from 16mm to 55mm. X & Y Axes on Slides.
  • CXZ Chucker Series: 6-8 Spindles, Max Chuck 145mm. X & Y Axes on Slides.

For an in-depth look at Metra please visit their website