The Hydromat Rotary Transfer machine is a modular system consisting of horizontal and vertical toolspindles rigidly mounted around a precision cast iron ring. This arrangement provides tremendous versatility and flexibility in a turnkey machining system while eliminating secondary operations.
The stationary work piece can undergo many types of machining operations, including: drilling, cross drilling, boring, turning, milling, external and internal recessing, threading, tapping, broaching, and more. In order to be able to machine both ends of a bar feed component Hydromat has an inverting unit that removes the work piece from the collet, turns it 180 degrees, and with great precision replaces it in the same collet. The HS type machine utilizes a one-time vertical chucking system with an unlimited positioning capability for machining complex features within the work envelope. A precision ground Hirth ring coupling is incorporated assuring table accuracy and reliability with station-to-station repeatability within .0002”.

Hydromat Highlights:

  • Full CNC using Embedded Motion Control Technology (EMC)
  • Handles up to 45mm diameters in square, round, or hex bar stock
  • Eliminates secondary operations
  • Modular toolspindles with quick-change presettable heads for easy changeovers
  • SPC Quality Standards – typically meeting 1.33, 1.67, and 2.0 CpK
  • Inverting unit repositions part for complete end to end machining
  • Extremely short remnants and thin cutoff for significant material saving
  • Quick, easy, changeovers – typically 1-3 hours with EPIC R/T Machines
  • Coolant fed or Flange Quill operations
  • Plug & play EPIC programming for on the fly changes
  • Up to 8 Vertical Machining Stations depending on Model


Hydromat Models:

  • EPIC R/T 25-12: 12 Station Machine Holding up to 25mm Bar Stock
  • EPIC R/T 45-12: 12 Station Machine Holding up to 45mm Bar Stock
  • EPIC R/T 32/45 16: 16 Station Machine holding up to 45mm Bar Stock
  • EPIC HS (Indexing Chuck): 12 to 16 Station Machines
  • EPIC RS & SS Packages: Upgrade your old Hydromat Legacy Machining with the EPIC CNC Controllers covering 1 unit up to 6 units.
  • Trunnion V8 and V12: 8 Station and 12 Station Machines

For an in-depth look at Hydromat please visit their website