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Established in Pluderhausen, Germany in 1945, Bahmueller is the innovation leader for super precision, high speed, ID & OD grinding, and honing. Bahmueller utilizes linear motors, direct drive spindles, hydrostatic axes, granite, and polymer concrete. The modular design of their equipment provides manufacturers with reduction of floor space, reduced cycle times, tooling cost reduction, and flexibility for multiple operations.


Flexible ID & OD Grinding

Max OD Grinding Length 200 mm

Max ID Bore Diameter 40 mm

Ultra Twinner

2-Station Independent ID & OD Grinding

Super Precise Linear Motor Drive

Stations loaded via internal Automation System


Vertical Grinding

Up to 75% Space Savings

Wear Free Hydrostatic Spindles & Axes


ID & OD Combined Grinding

Standardized Internal Robot Loading

Fully Autonomous Machines & Easy Retrofit


Auxiliary Work piece Handling

Load/Unload of Trays

Laser Marking - Gauge - Deburr

Bahmueller Partners

Tschudin - Centerless Grinding

Degen - High Speed Honing


Sample Applications

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